How Long to Isolate a Dog with Parvo

image shows how long a dog is contagious with parvo and how long they should be in quarantine due to parvo infection

As soon as you suspect your dog has come into contact with the parvo virus isolate your dog from other dogs immediately. After diagnosis, keep your dog isolated throughout treatment and recovery until the feces test is negative for parvo virus particles. Refer to this isolation timeline:

Ways to Isolate a Dog with Parvo

A dog suffering from parvo needs peace and quiet and ample time to recover without distraction. Choose a quiet location in the home, preferably with nearby outdoor access. Make sure the location is warm and free of drafts as dogs with parvo have a weakened immunity.

You can isolate a dog with parvo in a room or in a kennel. If you choose a room, consider a free standing dog pen or a kennel for extra assurance that your dog will not spread the virus throughout the home. Here is an example room with 2 different setups:

isolate dog with parvo
Room Setup for Isolating a Dog

Estimated Isolation Time for Dog with Parvo

Recovery could take 1-3 weeks for your dog to feel better but it takes even longer for the virus to leave your dog. This is why you keep your dog isolated until the parvo test is negative regardless of how your dog appears to be feeling. Typically, you’re looking at 4 or more weeks of isolation.

What Is Meant by Isolation

Isolation sounds awful but it doesn’t mean “leave your dog alone” for 4 weeks. Isolation means keep your infected dog away from other dogs and choose one location where your dog will eat, sleep and spend her entire day. Isolation is for your dog’s safety, the safety of other dogs and for easier disinfecting after recovery.

Visit your dog regularly throughout the day to make sure she is doing well. Replenish water as often as possible, make sure she’s warm, clean and sit with her while she eats. Clean any mess that is made and offer her regular bathroom breaks in a controlled setup.

For more information regarding controlled bathroom setup and other FAQ’s visit our quarantine page: Quarantine FAQ’s . This helpful FAQ resource helps answer even more questions when treating your dog with parvo at home. After you’ve read the FAQ’s about Quarantine, head over to our complete guide to Canine Parvo Isolation Protocol for our best product recommendations.

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