how to isolate a dog with parvo

Canine Parvovirus Isolation Protocol

Dogs with canine parvo should be isolated to one area of the home plus one contained outside area until they test negative for parvo. This means your dog could be isolated for 4-6 weeks depending on the pace of their recovery.

Having helpful, appropriate supplies at your fingertips will help calm some of the stress when treating parvo at home. Ideally, if your dog is isolated in a cage or kennel, place your supply cart right beside her but out of reach on a high table. If, on the other hand your dog is being isolated in a room, then supplies should be located in the same room, out of dog’s reach.

Products that Control the Spread of Parvovirus particles

A good isolation/quarantine room confines the canine parvovirus so it doesn’t spread throughout your home. It will also help keep your sick dog’s environment free of other germs that could cause secondary infections and a good quarantine setup will be easy and less stressful to clean.

When used properly, our recommended products will help control the spread of parvo in the home and make your life easier in the process. When your dog is recovered and life is back to normal, most of these products will be useful around the home for entirely different purposes so don’t feel like they’ll go to waste if you don’t use them all during the recovery process.

What We Consider When Recommending Products

We pay special attention to both price and quality when recommending products and will always recommend the lowest priced product as long as it meets the quality standards we need when dealing with Canine Parvovirus.

Here is a table of contents for our product recommendations. You can click each link to read exactly why we recommend these products, how to use them in a quarantine situation and which products we recommend…and why:

Respiratory Protection.
Disposable Coveralls.
Tie Close Trash Bags.
Food and Water Bowls.
Bathroom Pads.
Cages and Kennels.
Kennel Covers.
Dog Pens.

Because we are dealing with one of the most resilient viruses in the world, there are certain features we are looking for each of these products to possess or perform. We’ll cover each product and go over the recommended features to look for when dealing with canine parvo. As for cleaners, the topic is extremely involved and has it’s own page whenever you’re ready you can come back to this link: Cleaners that Kill Parvo.

All the other products above will be covered below; starting with gloves:



Recommended Features for Gloves

  • Latex Free – Just in case you or your dog has a sensitivity to latex (which is common). Some people don’t know they have a latex sensitivity until they wear latex gloves over a series of days.
  • Food Grade – Gloves are perfect for those times where you might have to hand feed your pup during recovery. Plus, you’ll very likely have excess when the parvo treatment is over and food grade gloves can be used in the kitchen.
  • Powder Free – Gloves should be used when wiping your dog’s mouth, eyes and possibly pulling or cleaning feces near the anus or on paws. Use powder free gloves to avoid powder transfer to a dog’s sensitive areas such as eyes and anus and so no bitter taste transfers in her mouth.

Our Gloves Pick: This box of 100 disposable gloves by Safeguard (product link) is our top pick. We pick these gloves because they are ambidextrous, latex-free, powder-free, food grade and have overwhelmingly positive reviews when it comes to 3 major categories: cost, comfort and durability. You can pay more for gloves, but you don’t have to. If you have any left over, no doubt they can be used around the house.


Respiratory Protection

Recommended Features

  • Particle and Vapor Protection – Since you’ll be cleaning viral particles and working with some type of cleaning solution that may be harsh on the respiratory system, you may as well get an all in one NIOSH approved respirator rather than 2 different styles of masks.
  • Adjustable – Masks that don’t adjust to form the proper seal are almost the same as not wearing a mask. One size fits all type masks are inferior when working with vapors and virus parts.
  • NIOSH Approved – Here is where quality matters. You’ll want to be sure the respirator is NIOSH approved. National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety sets high quality standards. Only NIOSH approved respirators should be considered protective.

Top Pick Respirator – For the price, comfort and quality, it’s hard to beat this 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator (product link). for a very reasonable price, you’ll get about 40 hours of use. So if you clean an hour a day for 40 days, it will be just right.

I’ve used this exact model many times while working with bleach and vapor doesn’t get through. There is an adjustable strap on the back and the clasp fastener is intuitive and super easy to both lock and open without looking at it. I’ve used other masks before that made the bridge of my nose sore, but this mask is really comfortable and it’s hard to believe it’s one of the least expensive masks in its class.


Disposable Coveralls

Since parvo is hardest to clean out of clothing and organic material, covering your clothes while you tend to your dog is worth the tiny investment. Hang a disposable suit at the entrance of the quarantine room and put it on each time. When you are done, take it off before leaving the quarantine room, spritz your suit with the parvo killer before hanging up IF you’re using a bleach alternative parvo killer such as Rescue or Sniper. If you’re using a bleach cleaner, don’t spritz the suit near your dog.

Recommended Features

  • Hood – Hoods are especially important for medium or long hair.
  • Elastic Banded Sleeves – Elastic helps keep the suit in place and helps keep your clothing from picking up the virus.
  • Includes Booties – A suit that comes with booties is important. In fact, if you buy nothing else, buy booties to control the spread of parvo throughout your home. Most parvo virus particles will be on the floor and ground which is why the virus transfers through your home. Make everyone wear booties in the quarantine room and take them off before walking through the rest of your home. This alone will significantly cut down on parvo virus transfer.

Our Preferred Suit: This suit by Dupont: Dupont Tyvek 400 (Link to Product) should serve you well. It’s very affordable in our book and 1 suit should be fine as long if you take good care of it between uses. It has a hood, elastic sleeves and comes with a pair of booties. Have the suit in the isolation room right when you walk in. Size UP as you’ll have clothing underneath. It’s easy to wear a big suit, but it’s very nearly impossible to wear a suit that’s too small.

If you don’t want an entire suit to protect your clothing we recommend booties for all people entering the quarantine room. These Premium Blue Booties (Link to Product) slip over shoes up to size 12 for men and 14 for women. They are elastic stretch for easy-on, easy-off.


Tie Close Garbage Bags

If you’ve ever been in a hospital or Dr.’s office, you’ve probably noticed their infectious waste is placed into heavier mil, plastic bags that get tied closed….no drawstrings. While you don’t have to get bags labeled “toxic waste” you definitely want bags that tie closed when treating parvo (or any virus such as the flu) in the home.

Recommended Features

  • Tie Close – That tiny hole at the top of a drawstring bag invites critters and insects to enter the bag and potentially carry the parvo virus to wherever they land or walk off to next. That’s why we use tie close bags and not drawstring.
  • Durable – Your supply room doesn’t have to have super strong garbage bags, but the thin produce style bags are too thin. Look for at least .5mil thickness to keep your trash IN the bag once you tie it closed.
  • Identifiable – Pick out a design or special color so you know at a glance that the bag contains parvo viral particles. This instinctively reminds you to take care and avoid transfer of the virus.
  • Unscented – Bags that have a scent applied are fine for kitchen use, but they will very likely aggravate your recovering dog which could effect their eating. Stick to unscented trash bags in the quarantine room.

Our Top Pick: These waste basket liners are perfect and they tick all the boxes AND are very inexpensive. They are .7 mil, which is extremely durable and they hold 4 gallons which is just right. They tie closed, have no scent and bonus: you can pick your favorite color for quickly identifying trash with parvo waste. These bags also have handles built-in for easy tying. Here is the product link: TopGalaxy – Tie Close, Strong Waste Bags.


Disposable Pet Water and Food Bowls

One way to significantly reduce the chances of spreading parvo throughout the home is to NOT transfer food and water dishes between the quarantine room and the kitchen. Disposable water bowls and food dishes help keep viral particles contained and for that reason, we recommend using them.

Simply toss the used dishes into your tie-close garbage bag, spray with parvo killer, and dispose. Do this in the quarantine room and you’ll significantly reduce the spread of parvo throughout the home or property.

Recommended Features

  • Low Allergen & Non-Toxic – Because dogs suffering from parvo have a weakened immunity whenever possible use supplies that state “non-toxic” and either germ-free or low allergen.

Our Recommendation: These Vet-Grade disposable pet dishes (product link) are highly recommended because they are bio-degradable, germ-free, allergen-free and non-toxic which is critical while your dog’s immune system is weakened. They hold 1 cup of water or food which is perfect as your dog recuperates. They come in a pack as small as 25 or as many as 250, the choice is yours.


Puppy Pads (Bathroom Pads)

In the early stages of parvo, even a well-housebroken pet is prone to anal leakage, vomiting and accidents. Taping puppy pads to the floor wherever they are confined will help keep the virus contained and makes for much easier cleaning in the beginning treatment.

Recommended Features

  • Disposable – Resist the urge to buy or lay down washable pee pads. When it comes to easy cleaning of parvo contaminated feces and vomit, you’ll want to just roll up a pad and toss it into the garbage bag.
  • Large – You’ll appreciate the larger pads vs. taping together a bunch of small pads.

Our Top Pick: Nothing fancy here, just fairly priced, highly absorbent, leak proof puppy pads. These are made by Bestle X-tra Large Pet Pads (link to product). We like them because they are large (28×34) and one pack of 40 should get you through the recovery.


Parvo Quarantine – Cages, Pens & Kennels for Isolation

If you haven’t yet visited our quarantine FAQ’s here is a sample quarantine setup using either a cage or pen:

image shows isolation room same between a cage and a dog pen when isolating a dog with parvo.

Cages & Kennels

Recommended Features

  • Double Door – Since 2 doors will only cost about a few dollars more than the single door version it’s definitely worth springing for the 2 doors. Two doors makes cleaning so much easier and giving food and water can be done through the door which is most convenient depending on how your dog lays down.
  • Removable Tray Bottom – When dealing with the parvo virus, this is worth it’s weight in gold. A tray that slides out will make cleaning and disinfecting so much easier.
  • Coated Metal – Again for easy cleaning and disinfecting we recommend a coated metal. It doesn’t have to be all rubberized, just not bare metal as some cleaning products will have a corroding or oxidizing effect.
  • Secure Latches – For extra security, we recommend door latches that slide and then turn downward. Door latches that only slide across are not as secure.
  • Portable – We suggest the style that folds up and comes with a carrying handle. When not in use, this design allows the kennel to be stowed under a bed or couch and it also travels well.

Our Favorite Kennel: not only does this kennel come with all of the recommended features, but it’s often a deal when compared to a lot of other models. It’s called the Amazon Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate (Link to Product) and has many reviews by fellow dog owners.

I personally own this crate for my extra large breed dog and it stows easily under a spare bed when not in use. Take a moment and read the reviews if you’re looking for a collapsible kennel.


Cage/Kennel Cover

If home treatment involves a puppy, it’s probably best to not put fabric or cloth within reach as your puppy could pull it through the wires and chew or eat it. But for dogs past the chewing phase, consider covering the kennel to provide them more warmth and security while they recover.

Recommended Features

  • Roll Up Sides – Wherever there is a door, make sure the sides roll -up for easy access.
  • Windproof – Windproof vs. non-windproof cost the same so getting a windproof version makes the kennel more versatile for other uses through the years.
  • Ventilation – Make sure there are some roll up screen options for ventilation when all other flaps are down.

Our Pick: This Kennel Cover is a perfect fit for our kennel recommendation. Plus, it has roll up door access for both doors, it’s windproof, easy to clean and has screen options for ventilation. It’s called the Hi Captain Kennel Cover (link to product) and bonus: it’s for indoor and outdoor use.


Quarantine Dog Pens

Indoor pens are ideal for larger dogs and for giving any size dog a bit more space to recover once they regain control of their bowels. As your dog begins to recover, they will appreciate a little more space to stand up and stretch throughout the day.

Recommended Features

  • Gate Included – some pens do not come with a gate and over time, this can become burdensome. Most dogs will take several weeks to recover in isolation so a gated pen will make your life a lot easier than unfastening panels every time you let your dog out or need to clean.
  • Portable – The most efficient dog pens are the ones you can easily assemble, disassemble and are portable enough to take on trips.
  • Indoor/Outdoor – The high end pens made from wood and metal look great, but they aren’t really practical for outdoor use. We like the regular metal pens with the black coating because they stand up to the elements
  • Easy to clean – Of special importance is the ability to clean and disinfect the dog pen. Coated metal is far more ideal for the cleaning requirements of parvovirus.

If you don’t already have a pen enclosure, you’ll be glad to know that they come in handy throughout the years and are perfect for traveling as well. The pen doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact, we think the less bells and whistles the better.

Considering both price and function, our pick is the MidWest Dog Pen (link to product). It has 8 panels, a gate and comes in either zinc finish or the black coated finish. You can also select the panel height based on your dog’s size. We like the black coated finish. There are plenty of reviews you can read before purchasing.


This concludes our quarantine product recommendations. You can use the sidebar to visit other pages of interest. To go back to our homepage click here: Canine Parvovirus Home or you can learn about the Bleach Alternatives for Killing Parvo.