Cleaners That Kill Parvo

image shows every cleaner that kills parvo including bleach and bleach alternatives.

Canine Parvovirus can thrive anywhere.  It can be on a fabric toy, a leather sofa, a front lawn, hardwood floors, or hiding in a pile of laundry.  If your household has been exposed to Parvo, you’ll want to disinfect the entire home.

Parvo Cleaning Protocol

Parvo is so hard to kill because it can live for months and sometimes even years on an object.  Who knows just how long the virus that contaminated your dog was alive and waiting. This is why there is a parvo cleaning protocol. The proper protocol for cleaning the parvo virus is:

  • Use products that say they “KILL” parvo
  • Disinfect daily during home treatment of parvo
  • Disinfect everything at least 3 times after your dog test’s negative for parvo.  

You can certainly clean MORE than what is required, but do not reduce this parvo cleaning protocol.

FAQ’s Cleaning After Canine Parvo

Does Lysol kill canine parvo?

No, Lysol products do not kill parvo. Lysol’s own website which lists all of the viruses that their product kills, states Canine Parvovirus will NOT be killed by the ingredients in Lysol. 

Does Spic and Span kill parvo?

No, Spic and Span does not kill parvo. The viruses that Spic and Span can kill are staph, strep, e.coli and influenza.

Do Clorox Wipes or Lysol Wipes Kill Parvo?

No. Clorox Wipes and Lysol Wipes will not kill canine parvo. If you’re looking for a wipe that can be used to kill canine parvovirus, we recommend these Wipes by Micro-Scientific Opti-cide 3 (link to product). These wipes kill canine parvo with a 5 minute contact time. There is a video you can watch to see if this wipe will suit your needs.

What kills canine parvo?

Sodium Hypochlorite (Clorox Bleach) kills parvo.

These Bleach Alternatives KILL Parvo: Read How
Chlorine Dioxide (Sniper) link kills parvo
Sodium Chlorite (Performacide) kills parvo.
Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (Rescu, Accel) kills parvo.
Potassium Peroxymonosulfate (Trifectant, Virkon) kills parvo.

What are the recommended products for killing the parvo virus on my dog?

Cleaning feces or vomit on your dog’s fur is a delicate process but not impossible. We address cleaning fur, paws on this page: Treating Parvo at Home. It contains a comprehensive list of recommendations INCLUDING products safest for fur, face, and paws.

Is bleach the best option for killing the canine parvo virus?

Bleach is the best option for many purposes, but not all. Bleach is harsh on the respiratory system, ineffective on organic material such as grass and soil, and it can burn skin and discolor fabrics.

Does non-chlorine bleach like 7th Generation kill canine parvo?

No,that is why Clorox brand is recommended. Chlorine free bleaches such as 7th Generation have many fabulous uses, but killing parvo it not one of them. If chlorine bleach is going to be your choice of disinfectant, check the label. It has to say that it kills parvo.

Are bleach alternatives the best option for killing canine parvo?

The bleach alternatives (mentioned above) for killing parvo will be the best option for multi-dog establishments, yards, porous surfaces and for cleaning objects that may not hold up to bleach. The bleach alternatives last longer, smell better and are not harsh on the respiratory system like bleach. Some don’t even require rinsing which is a huge time saver.

To see detailed information about the cleaners that kill parvo without bleach, click our other page here: Bleach Alternates that Kill Parvo. This page is loaded with details about how these products work better than bleach on canine parvo.

Why is parvo so hard to kill?

Partly because the virus is immune to most household cleaners and partly because of the huge quantity a contaminated dog sheds. When infected dogs shed the parvo virus, they can shed 20-40 million viral particles per ounce of feces. 

What do I need to clean when my dog has parvo?

Parvo virus likes all types of surfaces.  You’ll want to disinfect bedding, kennels, cages, collars, leashes, toys, water dishes, food dishes, rugs, lawns, pathways to and from bedding, kitchen sink, all handles, shoes, window panes, window sills.

Do I really have to disinfect my whole house after parvo?


How long can parvo live in a house?

Without proper cleaning the viral particles of parvo can live a year or more in a house. Follow parvo cleaning protocol to make sure you are KILLING parvo in your house and not just spreading it around.

How long does parvo stay in carpet?

Disinfecting parvo from a carpet is very challenging because carpet is porous and traps particles. Parvo can live a year or longer on a carpet when not properly disinfected. 

How many times should I clean my dog’s bed after parvo?

3 times. Every item that was used by a contaminated dog should be cleaned with a product that kills parvo virus at least 3 times.

Can parvo live in soil or grass?

Absolutely yes, parvo lives a very long time in soil, grass, snow, mud, weeds, mulch, gravel…everything.

How to get rid of parvo in yard

One of the reasons to keep your dog in quarantine is to make yard cleaning as easy as possible. Parvo virus particles are extremely difficult to kill on organic material because most organic materials have microscopic layers that contain porous places for the virus to live. So it’s not that parvo killing cleaners don’t work on organic material, it’s more to do with how difficult it is to saturate layered, porous material.

Never let your dog with parvo defecate wherever he wants. Bring him to a contained area of the yard every time on leash.

If you have time to prep, take a small contained area, lay down at least 6 ml plastic and spread mulch on top. After defecation, place the poop and a generous portion of the underlying mulch into a double bag. Saturate the double bag with your parvo killer, tie it up and dispose. Go back to the mulched are and spray a few squirts of the parvo cleaner on the defecation area. 

When your dog is 100% recovered from parvo, saturate the mulch with parvo killer, let it dry and then roll up the plastic and dispose.

How to get parvo out of clothes?

If you are not yet wearing all white when cleaning parvo, begin now. It may seem counter-intuitive, but when you wear all white clothing, you can effectively disinfect your parvo contaminated clothing with Clorox regular bleach (or other proven disinfectants). Read the label on the bleach, you’re looking for Sodium Hypochlorite and you want to see Canine Parvovirus on the kill list. That’s why regular Clorox bleach is recommended. Please read this article for an in depth review about how to tell if your cleaner kills canine parvo: Interpreting Bleach Labels for Killing Viruses.

For other clothing, read your care label. If it says “use non-chlorine bleach only” then your clothes will likely fade if you use regular Clorox. Unfortunately, color safe bleaches do not kill parvo.

We recommend Sniper (link to product)and some people have successfully used Rescue Parvo Cleaner to wash their clothing. Visit our: Recommended Products Page for More Info.

How to get parvo out of carpet?

We believe the best results will come from a product called Sniper. Go to our Recommended Products page to learn more. It is over $40 per gallon, but has the best rating for carpets. While Sniper doesn’t stain carpets, the process of lifting feces out of a carpet could result in staining.

A powerful hot steam clean can also kill parvo on a carpet (perform the steam clean 3 times). If you don’t have a steam cleaner for home use, we highly recommend this one for small -medium household jobs especially involving pets: Hoover Pet Dash Carpet Cleaner (link to product)

Wall to Wall Carpet Scraps

IF you have wall to wall carpeting and have left over pieces (often left by the installer) it is advised to call a professional. Many types of carpeting allow a professional to cut out stains, insert a new piece and blend seamlessly. There are also diy videos if you believe you have the skills (and the extra carpet). If you don’t have extra carpet left by the installer, use what’s installed in closets.

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image shows every cleaner that kills parvo including bleach and bleach alternatives.

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