bleach alternatives for killing parvo

Bleach Alternative Parvo Killers

What Kills Parvo Besides Bleach

If you’re wondering what kills parvo besides bleach, you’ve come to the right place, These bleach alternatives kill parvo and can be shipped to you from online market places such as amazon. We’ll categorize these into the following categories:

  • Best Overall Disinfectant- Our Top Pick
  • Top Parvo Killers on a Budget (Around $20 )
  • Parvo Killers for Dog Fur and Paw Cleaning
  • Best Parvo Disinfectant for Yards, Soil, Mulch
  • Best Parvo Killers for Clothing, Fabrics, Carpets

Winner: Best Parvo Disinfectant Overall – Top Pick

#1 – Sniper Hospital Disinfectant (Link to Product)

OVERALL: If you disinfect parvo inside the house, outside the house, and need to use a cleaner on your dog, Sniper is the ultimate choice. If you have any left over, Sniper can be used to kill mold and mildew in showers, freshen garbage cans, “deskunk” pets and countless other uses. And because Sniper could be the only cleaner you’ll need to clean a Parvo infested house, it is worth the money.

  • PROS: One gallon, ready to use kills canine parvo virus with 10 minutes of contact. Sniper gets the best overall award because it is Eco-Friendly and the most versatile product on the market. Sniper can kill parvo on hard surfaces, yards, grass, dirt, rocks, clothing, furniture, toys and does not irritate the skin or respiratory system. It can even be used in foggers and vaporizers. Bonus: Sniper states it can be used on dogs (away from their eyes) near the anus or on their paws and to sanitize anal gland odor.
  • CONS: A gallon of Sniper Hospital Disinfectant will cost over $40 (though they do have a smaller size for about $28, which we link to momentarily).

Bonus feature: Sniper responded immediately to our email containing questions about using Sniper during yard cleanup. They also have a toll-free number and encouraged us to call if we needed more help or information.

Around $20: Best Parvo Disinfectants on a Budget

#1 – Rescue (Link to Current Pricing)

OVERALL: If you did a good job with quarantine and only have to disinfectant parvo in 1 or 2 rooms Rescue 32oz. should be all you need. This is definitely enough for a couple of rooms, toys, bedding and kennels of just 1 dog. And if you like the idea of a product that’s Eco-friendly but still kills parvo in about 1 minute, try Rescue.

  • PROS: Rescue comes ready to use and is a highly affordable parvo disinfectant that kills canine parvo faster than most other brands. It requires only 1 minute of contact time whereas most other products require 5-20 minutes. It’s 32 ounces so it’s just right for a single household parvo cleanup. If you run out and have to order another bottle, it’s still rather affordable.
  • CONS: If you have a big job like a 4 bedroom house top to bottom cleaning you will likely run out of this 32 oz. bottle. Hard surfaces only, may stain fabrics.

#2 – F-10 (Link to Product & Pricing)

OVERALL: You have to leave F-10 on longer than 10 minutes which is 10x longer than Rescue. If that doesn’t bother you and you’ll take care to store it properly, F-10 will give you a lot more product. Consider skin and eye protection when handling this product.

  • PROS: This pint size package is small but comes concentrated. To kill canine parvo, it says use the product in a 1:125 part ratio. That’s 8ml of F-10 to every 1 liter of water. Doing the math, this 3.4 ounce bottle of F-10 will make about 12 liters of parvo killing disinfectant which should be plenty to do large, multi-dog household as well as cages, toys and bedding.
  • CONS: it is highly concentrated which is great but also means it’s highly toxic and an irritant in it’s concentrated form. Treat it like a bottle of chlorine bleach and keep this product away from pets and kids like you would other poison. Hard surfaces only.

Parvo Disinfectant for Dog’s Fur and Paws

#1 – Sniper Hospital Disinfectant (Link to Product)

OVERALL: Sniper’s tagline is: “strong enough to kill canine parvovirus, but safe enough to wash your hands in.” Sniper allows direct contact with skin and fur. As per the manufacturer’s website, Sniper is NOT a poison. It is biodegradable, hypo-allergenic and a fragrance free product that is safe for humans and pets. If all you’re looking to do is clean your dog’s anus, fur or paws you might be able to get by with Sniper’s 16 oz. bottle (link to product) It’s not cheaper per ounce, but it’s cheaper than the gallon size of Sniper. What a great product to have in the house…just in case.

PROS: The manufacturer of Sniper states that its product can be safely sprayed liberally around a dog or cat’s anal area, directly on ringworm and that Sniper is often used at full strength to “deskunk” a dog. Sniper is also effective at removing the odor of anal glands (if that’s a problem). This is all on top of being able to KILL Canine Parvo virus.

CONS: The fact that Sniper is so versatile and can be used directly on fur is probably what makes it more expensive. The only other downside to this product is sometimes it’s out of stock. You can check pricing and availability by using links in this post.

There are no other products recommended for direct contact with skin and fur.

Best Parvo Disinfectant for Yards, Soil, Mulch (Organics)

Porous, organic material is hardest to rid of canine parvo, but it can be done. Most disinfectants begin to lose their effectivenss in the face or organics but these products provide your best chances of killing parvo on organics.

#1 – Sniper Hospital Disinfectant (Link to Product)

OVERALL: We emailed a representative at Sniper and are happy to report that they responded immediately. They reminded us of the challenges of killing parvo across an entire yard but recommended the following procedure:

  • Pour Sniper into a pressurized garden type sprayer that is equipped with a FAN shaped spray pattern. Here is an example: Fan-Option Garden Sprayer (link to product).
  • Using the fan spray setting, apply a generous amount of Sniper and allow to air dry.
  • PROS: Sniper is biodegradable and Eco-friendly. They have a responsive email attendant and a toll-free number for help.
  • CONS: Sniper’s cost is higher than other products, but not cost-prohibitive.

#2 – Virkon S (Link to Product)

OVERALL: As per the manufacturer Virkon-S is:”Independently proven effective on porous surfaces, in hard water, at low temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge.” (Taken Directly from Virkon’s Website). Virkon is about the only other product that claims to stand up to the challenge of organic materials.

  • PROS: Affordable and makes a large quantity of product. Tablets are good for traveling and Virkon can be used for other purposes such as hard surface cleaning of cages, crates, carriers, etc.
  • CONS: Virkon tabs or powder are highly dangerous in their concentrated form (like bleach). Wear gloves, goggles, and a respirator when mixing and during application and never use it on or around your pet. Follow directions exactly.

We called the manufacturer with questions about using Virkon-S in a grassy yard and although it’s always challenging, it’s not impossible. The challenge is not because the product doesn’t work, it’s that grass and soil have intricate layers for viral particles to embed. The nature of layers makes it difficult to saturate organics.

Best Cleaner for Parvo that’s Embedded (Clothing, Carpets, Fabrics)

#1 – Sniper Hospital Disinfectant (Link to Product)

OVERALL: From the manufacturer’s website: “Sniper penetrates to Destroy “embedded” problems.” Sniper does not have a staining quality but it’s still recommended to test Sniper in an inconspicuous area. Also, Sniper is not a stain remover. If your carpeting was heavily soiled with feces or vomit, Sniper is not going to remove the stain. For carpet pad penetration, use a syringe filled with Sniper. Poke the needle through the carpeting and empty the syringe.

PROS: Non-staining but testing is recommended. Can be added to wash cycles without fear of corroding drum.

CONS: Due to Sniper’s versatility in killing canine parvo, it costs more than other cleaners that can be used on surfaces only.

How to Save More Money When Cleaning Parvo

TIP: Sniper is our number 1 choice when killing parvo virus but if budget is a concern, we recommend a two product approach. Buy the cheaper surface cleaners (Rescue or F-10) and a small bottle of Sniper. Use the cheaper cleaners on all of your hard surfaces, cages, counterparts etc., and reserve Sniper for your dog’s fur, clothing, carpeting and fabrics.

Steam Clean Finish To Kill Parvo on Carpets

For stubborn carpet stains and high parvo contamination on an otherwise salvageable rug, we recommend a steam clean. Have it done professionally or consider a steam cleaner for the home. If you’ve got pets, you’ll find steam cleaning carpets every month makes a huge difference in odors and dander. Here is our pick for an amazing Pet vac/steam cleaner that won’t break the bank: Hoover Powerdash Pet Carpet Cleaner (link to product).

That concludes our bleach alternative product list. Use the menu to research other topics or you can go back to the main page for all recommended products here: All Products for Parvo Home Treatment