How to Clean a Dog Cage After Parvo: 2 Ways (Cheap/Fast)

how to clean a dog cage after parvo outbreak.

Canine Parvo is one of the most resilient viruses in the world and as such, requires special attention when trying to kill the viral particles that may be lingering. In this article we will share how to clean a dog cage after parvo and we’ll give you two options: The Cheapest Way and The Fastest Way.

Regardless of the method you choose please remember this one important tip: Whichever product you decide on, you MUST follow the instructions on the label in order to ensure you KILL the parvo viral particles. Because products and procedures change – always follow the label in hand.

Here are the two ways to clean a dog cage, or any hard surface after parvo. We’ll start with the cheapest way and then move onto the fastest way.


Ounce per ounce, the most cost effective and easily accessed parvo killer will be FRESH Clorox bleach or any other FRESH bleach that states on the bottle that it kills canine parvo. Another brand example is HDX Germicidal which is sold at Home Depot.

To find out if your favorite bleach is strong enough to kill Canine Parvo, all you have to do is read the back label. If your favorite bleach does NOT say anything about killing canine parvo, then it WON’T kill the virus. Go to the store and buy Clorox Bleach that has the word ‘KILLS Germs’ on the jug or Home Depot sells HDX Germicidal in the cleaning supplies aisle. Double-Check the back label and you’ll see canine parvo listed.

If you don’t have access to shopping centers or are unable to travel to stores, does ship Clorox that kills parvo (link to product) and if you prefer HDX bleach over Clorox, Home does offer same day delivery to your home in most regions HDX Germicidal (link to product).

Tip: Do not use a jug of bleach that’s been in your home longer than 4 months. Also, color safe bleach, cheap bleach, Lysol, Pine-Sol, etc., will NOT kill parvo. Read the Label and look for Canine Parvovirus to be listed.

Here is a sample bleach label:

use clorox to kill parvo on a dog cage
This Bleach will Kill Parvo on a Dog Cage

To clean a dog cage with Clorox or HDX simply follow the instructions on the label for dilution. The dilution will be found on the label or sometimes on the back of the label. We cannot give exact instructions because they may change over time.

In short, you’ll be asked to remove all noticeable debris and soil so that all that remains is the hard surface. Please use paper towels and spray them with your parvo killing solution before disposing.

Then, spray the diluted bleach onto the cage and keep the surfaces wet for as long as instructed. The time it takes the bleach/water solution to kill canine parvo is usually between 10 and 20 minutes. We highly recommend gloves and a mask when dealing with these solutions. You can read our in-house recommendations here: Recommended Products for Parvo.

During this time, you must keep the cage parts moist by re-spritzing the solution before it dries. Since vertical surfaces tend to try quickly, you may find it beneficial to disinfect the dog cage in sections. It also helps to lay the cage down on a tarp or something else you don’t mind getting bleach on.

Pay special attention to corners of the plastic crate tray and don’t forget the bottom of the tray.


Make no mistake, just because this method is the Fastest way to disinfect for Canine Parvo, we will NOT be cutting corners. Instead, you’ll use a product that kills Parvo FAST…as in 60 seconds of wet contact time.

Many vet offices, dog kennels, training facilities and rescue organizations are equipped with a disinfectant, parvo killing product called Rescue RTU. The ‘RTU’ stands for “Ready to Use” which simply means – no dilution required.

But the fact of the matter is: Rescue RTU is available to all consumers at websites like amazon, and I swear by it for my own personal use. I keep Rescue RTU in my dog’s travel bag and use it to spray down public dog wash tubs and it’s great to use on dog crates or bowls that I might pick up at a garage sale.

rescue rtu is good for cleaning a dog cage after parvo because it kills in one minute
Rescue RTU in my Dog’s Travel Bag

Here is a link to amazon: Rescue RTU (link) and picture showing the Rescue RTU bottle where it shows that it Kills Parvo in 1 Minute.

image shows you can clean a dog cage from parvo in 1 minute using Rescue RTU.
Rescue RTU Kills Parvo in 1 Minute and Can Be Used on a Cage

Here is just a small sample of what Rescue RTU can kill in 1 minute or less when it comes to animal pathogens:


  • Canine Distemper Virus
  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus – 30 seconds
  • Duck Hepatitis B virus – 30 seconds
  • Equine Influenza A Virus (H3N8) (EIV) – 30 seconds
  • Feline Calicivirus- 30 seconds
  • Feline Herpes Virus (Feline Rhinotracheitis)
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus (FIPV)
  • Feline Panleukopenia Virus
  • Minute Virus of Mice (Murine Parvovirus)
  • Murine Hepatitis Virus
  • Murine Norovirus – 30 seconds

Rescue RTU has demonstrated effectiveness against Influenza Type A2 (Hong Kong), and is expected to inactivate all Influenza A viruses including Pandemic 2009 H1N1 (formerly called swine flu).


  • Candida albicans – 1 minute
  • Microsporum canis – 1 minute
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes (RINGWORM)

What NOT to Do When Cleaning a Parvo Contaminated Dog Cage

Rule #1 – Never hose off a dirty cage and allow the particles to enter the ground, grass or soil. This is because it is so much harder to kill parvo on grass and soil where it can live for months or years.

Instead – Use a paper towel or disposable wipe to remove visible debris and contain the debris in a plastic bag or other container that you can then douse with your parvo killer.

Rule #2 – Never move a contaminated, dirty cage throughout your home. This will help ensure you do not transfer viral particles throughout your home.

Instead – Keep the cage in place (don’t move it around) until all visible debris is removed. Then, move it outside if that’s where you want to begin the disinfection procedure which we highly recommend due to vapors.

In Summary

Whichever method you choose to to clean a dog cage after parvo is up to you. We like both products but do slightly favor having Rescue RTU on hand because of its quick kill time for a myriad of household pathogens.

The important thing is that you take action and kill the virus with a product capable of killing this vicious, resilient virus and follow directions on the label. Remember to protect your hands and respiratory system by wearing gloves and suitable mask.

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